Sunday, February 27, 2011

Snow Storm

Can I just say this is the most snow I've seen in a really long time? We have had so much snow this winter its unbelievable! The storm on Friday was ridiculous, 6-10 inches on snow and sleet on the day that we are supposed to leave for vacation?!?! Okay so the dorm stay open until saturday at 9am instead of 5pm friday but the dining halls all closed early and it was like a blizzard out and we had to walk across campus in the snow to get food. I honestly think that classes on friday should of been canceled, I mean some classes were for some people but all of them should of been canceled in my opinion. Some people have to drive a ways to get home, like people that live out of state or just plain far away. I personally hate being outside when its snowing out, and windy out, and just plain cold, and during the week I never get up before 9 so it was a bigger hassle for me to leave saturday morning, not to mention the lack of coordination of my group going home saturday had.

Anyways enough about all that, on saturday when I got home I helped my mom and brothers shovel outside. My mom and older brother were shoveling off the roof and there was like 3-4 feet of snow up there! They dumped it all into the driveway in front of our garage and then me and my little brother were shoveling it off the driveway into the grass area... well let me tell you it was not so fun. Shoveling sucks. I feel bad for anyone that doesn't have a snowblower or plow and a very long driveway. Honestly I think people with snowblowers and plows should just go around and see if neighbors need any help. I feel like not many people do this anymore. Anyways I'm so thankful to our neighbor who helped plow our driveway after the big storm, and I'm so thankful that another neighbor came by and helped use his snowblower to move the snow in the driveway from the roof out of the way that was blocking the garage. I'm so sore from shoveling and can only imagine how much longer it would of taken if no one had helped us out and how much sorer I would of been.

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  1. I hate the snow! I'm so glad that when we came back it seems like it's almost gone (almost flatts and flipflop season!). I thought it was a little rediculous that on our "spring break" we got snowed in! My roomate and I only live about two hours away and she has four-wheel drive but there was no way we were driving in that mess. Some people we knew flipped their car about an hour from here and others we knew driving home reported seeing about five people off the road on their trip home! I know I probably shouldn't complain considering I chose to come further north, but I am very ready to be done with this winter!


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