Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Bomb Threat? What?!?!

What a lovely Sunday evening I had this week. I was enjoying a nice nap when my phone started vibrating insanely, informing me that someone was calling me. I missed the call but looked at my phone and saw I had 5 new texts, one of which was from the UMaine system, thinking "sweet I hope its going to say theres a snow day tomorrow" to my shock it said "Bomb threat reported at UMaines Cumberland Hall. Stay away. Police are investigating."Then an RA was on our floor knocking on all the doors saying we had to get out immediately and couldn't tell us anything else. So for about 2 hours we had to find somewhere else to be as police searched the building and brought in dogs to help search. After receiving another message saying "police have declared Cumberland Hall safe for occupancy, following their investigation into a bomb threat reported this afternoon." everyone retuned to the building and later we discovered that there had been graffiti on the wall suggesting that there was a bomb in one of the bathrooms, and that the only thing found was valve oil used for band instruments that have petroleum in it, which is apparently used in some bombs.

Bangor Daily News-UMaine dorm evacuated after bomb threat


  1. What a fun way to spend your Sunday, right?! Did you see the cartoon in The Maine Campus?

  2. I got the texts as well. My friends and I were joking about it all day. I would have been very angry if I had to leave my dorm because of someones nonsense. What did you do for the two hours that you were waiting?

  3. umm nope I've never heard of The Maine Campus until just now... do you know the link for the cartoon? I found the article about the bomb threat on The Maine Campus website but I don't know which cartoon you are talking about Alyssa...

    For the two hours that we had to be evacuated from the building, me and two of my friends went over to Gannett Hall, which is right next to Cumberland, and we hung out with one of our friends that lived there for awhile, then we just went to eat at hilltop. There were tons of people from our building hanging out at hilltop and when mobs of people were leaving, a girl from our floor told us it was okay to go back in.
    If there was an actual bomb in the cumby residence hall, you would think that they would evacuate the other two residence halls right next to it but they didn't. According to various news articles the building was evacuated decently but it was a little shaky in my opinion. I mean I had been sleeping and someone calling me to see if I was okay is what woke me up, not the emergency text message. I know one of my friends is a deep sleeper and if she had been asleep she wouldn't have woken up if someone knocked (or banged loudly) on the door telling people (or shouting) that we needed to evacuate. Also one of my friends had been playing a game on their laptop with headphones on and didn't hear their phone or hear the RA knock on their door saying we needed to evacuate, so he was in the building for awhile with no idea what was going on.
    Overall, at such a hectic time with such short notice the RA's and other staff did pretty good at getting people out without being able to pull the fire alarm, I just feel that there should be some other way to make sure everyone is out of their room during evacuations like this. Luckily there was no bomb, and no one got hurt.


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