Monday, February 28, 2011


Currently I'm taking HTY 103 which is United States history 1 and I had been debating wether to go to class friday morning before vacation. On one hand I really wanted to leave campus and get home before the storm hit Orono or got further north and I could of left around 9am if I didn't attend class, but on the other hand I would of had no idea what he had talked about in class and wouldn't have gotten any notes for that class, which is not good. So I decided I couldn't miss that class and we ended up talking about piracy and the war of 1812. Then the other day I stumble upon an interesting article about piracy today and what is going on in todays politics and the start of the article talked about some of the stuff we covered in class. Its funny because I never thought some of my classes would really make a difference in my day to day life but it was nice getting to read the article and be like "yea I knew that"

Anyways if you would like to read the article its here at the New York Times online titled Somali Piracy is larger issue after Hostage Deaths (published Feb 26).


  1. I had that class last semester. It was a pretty interesting class. I learned a lot of really cool things.Is your professor's name David Turpie ?

  2. It's crazy that piracy is turning into a bigger problem, and that the Somali pirates actually killed those 4 Americans. According to the article, it's not usually their way of doing business... they keep the hostages alive in order to negotiate a ransom. I wonder why they would do something so out of the ordinary...?


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