Tuesday, February 1, 2011


So first off let me tell you a little about me and this blog and why I'm writing it and such. I'm a first year student at UMaine in Orono, and this is my second semester of college here. For one of my classes we were required to create a blog, so here I am making a blog about my experiences here at UMaine, sadly you wont get to see my first hand reactions to my first semester here away from home but I'll be posting mostly about current events here on campus, interesting stuff I learn in class, or funny stuff that happens with my friends.

Anyways more about me, I'm the middle child in my family, and the first fledgling to leave the nest. I have two brothers, my older brother decided to go to community college and live at home until he's saved up enough to get his own place, and my little brother is in 8th grade. I live on campus here at UMaine 2 hours away from home, and I don't get to visit my family much. At first its a shock being away from home, but once you make friends on your floor and in your classes, living at college is like living with your friends (minus the ability to use their kitchen to make decent food). The other big change for me was the lack of motivation I had in the mornings to get up and go to class, no more mum alarm clock in the morning for me, and the lack of a routine schedule is nice but first semester I spent my time doing frivolous things and come finals time I was stressed out to the max, but everything ended up fine. So bring on the new semester!


  1. Kev and his friends are awesome!

  2. Where are you from in Maine? This is my first year at UMO as well. I am commuting from home though. It can be a huge pain when the weather is acting up but I am enjoying it. I think I made the right decision not to stay on campus. I am saving money and I love being around family. I live 25 minutes away from school in a town called LaGrange. Coming from a small town it was quite a change when i found myself in a class with three hundred and seventy students. Thats more people than in my entire high school.

  3. Yeah! Bring on the new semester! WOOHOO!!

  4. I'm from Auburn and its a 4 hour drive to go down there and drive back up here in the same day/weekend so its a pain in the butt for whoever has to pick me up or drive me back because of gas. Do you have classes on campus everyday? Or just a few days a week? I wonder how much in a year you would end up paying for gas just driving back and forth from school...
    My graduating class had about 300 people in it so it wasn't that huge of a shock to see everyone in a huge lecture hall, it was just weird having that many people in a class not just at an assembly or something. I had a few huge lecture hall classes last semester and I realized there was so way that the professors could possibly know everyone in the class and they wouldn't notice if someone was missing, unlike high school where something like that would be obvious. It was nice having a couple small classes too where the teacher actually got to know me. What kind of class did you like better, lecture hall or smaller class?


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